Jamia Salafiya | About us

Our Facilities

At Jamia Salafiya English School we provide our students with safe, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing facilities that contain the latest technologies and allow maximization of instructional opportunities. It is a technologically advanced campus and special emphases have been given to physical, sports activities and grounds are prepared for this purpose.

Highly Facilitated Smart Classroom

This new method of teaching has been invented for the smart learners of today. Based on visuals and audio, teaching happens through digital instruction materials and videos. Our School ensures imparting of cutting edge learning through the use of smart class to make creative thinkers for tomorrow. Smart class is accessible to both teachers and students for a quicker platform of reference and interaction.

Highly Facilitated Library

Extensive reading is an important skill which is mostly developed at school level. All classes have regular library periods for supervised study so that the students may benefit themselves from these storehouses of knowledge. Reference books, journals, periodicals, magazines and the latest educational material are accessible to the faculty available for research and in depth studies.

Highly Facilitated Computer Lab

Computer Labs with internet access are constantly updated with the latest softwares and hardwares. A dedicated internet connection, educational materials and supervision by experts add extreme value to the learning sessions. Our school has spacious computer lab with multiple computers so that each student gets the hold of the keyboard and instructions on a one-to-one basis.

Highly Facilitated Classroom

The classrooms are purpose built, spacious and ventilated. These are furnished with necessary visual aids to ensure a superior academic environment. The furniture has been designed to ensure a comfortable and convenient posture for the ages and stages of students. Each classroom ensures perfect academic aura for maximum learning opportunities.

Come And Join With Us..

"Choosing a school is a big decision. It will have a major impact on your child's future. Our staff are talented, skilled and dedicated. WE TRULY BELIEVE THAT EVERY CHILD MATTERS."

We trust on parent and we always welcome new members. We encourage all prospective parents to make an appointment to come and visit us at the school and see for themselves how effective our particular system of education is.